WWII Victory/Propeller Beer Flat Top

USBC 35-35 Internal Revenue Tax Paid.

Seattle Brewing and Malting Co. Seattle, WA 

This is a two-tone green can with the large "V" in dark green.

Some call this a Propeller Can , but it's actuall called a "Victory Can" with the large "V" on the front of the can issued to mostly the Army Air Corps during WWII 1942-45. While there are several off-grade victory cans from Seattle, to get this can in clean, indoor condition is very rare. This is an IRTP can that have all been in Alaska, it may have been issued in the Pacific NW bases as well. There are victory flat tops issued by Ruppert (South Pacific), Seattle Brewing and Malting (Alaska), Schlitz (Persian Gulf and Africa) and Golden West (Hawaii.)