Avid Collector buying single cans and whole collections

I'm a Collector first and foremost

Most of the time I close deals through the mail, so trust is key. In most cases you send me pictures and I will issue you an appriaised value, if we agree we go from there. I'm retired Air Force, and currently work at the U.S. Army War College located in Carlise, PA and a member and former president of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America.

My goal is to pay a fair price and find cans for my collection, friends collections and extras for trade when possible. At Beer Can Exchange, we go the extra mile to treat you fairly if selling and give you a great deal if buying. 801-710-5335


How do I Buy your cans?


Can Values

In my capacity as Beer Can Exchange I travel to can shows every month so I have a very good idea of what the current prices of cans are. There is a lot of factors that affect value including:


Common Beer Cans of little to no value.

  • Condition
  • Age
  • Rarity (how many knowns)
  • What the market will support
  • Billy, M*A*S*H*, JR
  • Worlds Fair, Harley
  • Most 70's cans like Schmidt's, Bobs and Schells

Cans I have recently purchased